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6 Easy Ways To Make An Amazing Space Comfortable For Guests, Inspired By The Wessex Rose

When you invite someone into your amazing space, whether it is your own home or a business venture, you have to think about everything your guests need during their stay with you.

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This is exactly what David and Karen do for guests on the Wessex Rose, a glorious broad beam hotel boat they built from scratch and was featured in Amazing Spaces with George Clarke.

They are situated on the Kennet and Avon canal linking Bristol to London. This canal was built using the shortest possible route across southern England, and as a result goes through some of the most stunning places in the UK.

For David and Karen their greatest reward is for guests to leave them satisfied and relaxed after their stay, so they work hard to prepare for their guests arrival. However, as every host and hostess knows, with so many things to remember it is easy for essentials to be overlooked, so here’s is a helpful list of some of the most important ways you can help make your guests feel comfortable too.

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1. Get Your Guests Sleeping Area Right

Think about what they will be sleeping on and if it fits their requirements. For example, a 6 foot male will simply not be comfortable on a 5 foot bed. Nice linens and a few extra luxury blankets and pillow options also ensure their comfort, and giving guests a choice of what to use will be appreciated. Everyone needs privacy; so make sure you also have this in abundance during their stay too.

2. Think About The Bathroom

A full set of fresh towels in a bathroom that works without the need for a spanner is the minimum requirement, as is the availability of good quality toiletries that you would happily use yourself. Also make sure its clear where your guest can dispose of used items no longer wanted, including wet towels.

3.  What About Storage

When your guests arrive they will bring with them items they feel they simply can’t be without. These items mean a lot to them and you will need to think about where these can be stored securely with easy access while they are with you.

4. Create The Right Mood

Inject the right holiday spirit by using scented items depending on the time of year. For example Christmas trees and ribbon and clove decorated oranges verses beach-themed incense and fresh flowers.

Lighting is also a perfect way of creating the right mood in any space. It should be warm, cosy and cheerful, with the right mix of natural and artificial light. Little extras can also make a difference and draw attention to key features, such as fairy lights around pictures, windows, special items or sculptures.

5. Work, Rest And Play

While your guests are with you they may need to stay in touch with their office, put their feet up with a good book or take an opportunity to play an instrument, game, sport, etc. Making sure they have the facilities available to use or borrow for this is essential to make guest feel cared for.

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6. The Extras

Throughout their stay guests will measure your skills and ability to look after them by the extras you freely provide to welcome them. These are only limited by your imagination and can include slippers, clean bathrobes, alarm clocks, thoughtful reading material, tissues, a pitcher or carafe of fresh water with slices of lemon to demonstrate its freshness, snacks and a welcome refreshment tray stacked with homemade cakes and drinks. Karen very kindly shared with us a recipe she might use to welcome her guests onto the Wessex Rose.

The Perfect 20-Minute Scones And Cream Recipe For Busy Hosts

Add to a bowl:

8 oz or 227 grams of sieved self-raising flour with a pinch of salt

2 oz or 57 grams of cold butter and rub into breadcrumbs

Use a knife to mix quarter of a pint or 4.80 fluid ounces of milk to the mixture until sticky. The key is not to overwork it when mixing as this will remove the air and stop them rising.

Pat onto a floured work surface and roll out lightly until quite thick and cut your shapes.

Brush with milk and cook on a floured baking tray for 10-15 minutes at 190 degrees until golden brown.

Serve with clotted cream and a choice of jams.


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Picture Credits: Wessex Rose, Ben Anders and Plum Pictures