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7 Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

I wanted to take a bit of time out of book writing and film scheduling to share a few inspirations I have collected along the way for anyone currently thinking about re-styling their own small kitchen. So if you are in the process of changing yours, here are a few key elements you can use to help make the most of your space at the design stage.


Make use of this term whenever you can. For example multifunctional furniture is essential for allowing a small kitchen area to suit your needs throughout the day. Here are a few examples of great small space saving designs you could adapt to your own kitchen area and needs.


Choose your colours carefully and overall go for light hues of the same pallet. You could also consider painting dark furniture a lighter colour from your chosen pallet, and giving it a touch of artificial ageing with some fine sandpaper. Here are a few techniques for distressing furniture.

small kitchen design techniques


Use mirrors whenever you can to bring light into dark areas… the bigger the better. As an alternative, and as an interesting style twist, include an arrangement of different sized and shaped smaller mirrors in a complementary arrangement.

Draw The Eye

Draw the eye away from the smaller and more confined areas to the larger and clearer areas. For example you can use clever ideas such as colour, light, accessories, etc. to draw the eye to the ceiling. This will give an illusion of space and make your kitchen look much bigger.

Accessorise Carefully

Accessories can look amazing but too many of them can make a space look cluttered. Also consider the types of accessories you are going to use, and if they will impact light and space in your kitchen. For example, be careful about your choice of curtains. Ideally use blinds as keeping windows uncovered will give a sense of space and won’t impact the light available to you.

Organise And De-clutter

There is a lot to be said for living simply in a small space and this is especially important in a kitchen space when we have so many gadgets we like to use on a daily basis. However, instead of leaving them up on the work surface or on the shelves, try to give them all a place to be stored and get rid of those items you hardly ever use. Then only use the available display areas for a few carefully chosen accessories to compliment your overall style.

Add Storage

To help with your need to de-clutter and organise your space you will need to introduce more storage options. However, this can also help you with giving a small area the illusion of more space. For example, by introducing large storage areas from floor to ceiling, but which fit slimly against the wall, can help. This method will also help to draw the eye to the ceiling, again giving the impression of more space.

Jane Field-Lewis

Picture Credit: Ben Anders