Anatomy of Sheds

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces And New Book Updates

All my books and TV projects have always started at a grass roots level rather than in a media corporations ‘brain-storm’ session and I think it is that authenticity and representation of your voices and projects that has found such a resonance with others.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

Series Six of ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ is now running on C4, Thursdays 8 pm and I hope that you are enjoying it. Along with the usual ‘small space’ subject matter our focus is innovative builds culminating in the rotating house that George and William dream up.

I’m seeing a growing number of back-yard glamping inspired projects, either to create that holiday experience at home or to offer revenue potential, and a number of build-your-own campervan/caravan schemes, both rich in the creative and practical ambitions. It’s always great to see beautiful things being created from nothing or from scraps of redundant materials. Big ideas without fat wallets!

My Cool Treehouse

Earlier on this year the latest ‘my cool’ book was released, with treehouses being the subject matter. I wanted to include a wide range of styles, from a DIY kit house that can be put up and dismantled in about an hour, to cool modern architectural ones… and I even squeezed a caravan on a scissor lift in there. I hope if you have the book you are enjoying it and please do let me know if you have any such projects underway yourselves. I’d really love to hear about them.

Anatomy of Sheds

The Anatomy Of Sheds

And in just about a week, on 13 October, I’ve been courageous and have gone large… this time to more of a proper posh large format coffee table book celebrating sheds and the whole ‘hutopia’ movement of shed culture and its influence on architecture, design and lifestyle. The simple back-yard shed hasn’t been ignored, along with artists studios, workshops and homes, and yes a caravan has snuck in there too, (thank you J Wes Yoder in supercool Nashville for that one).

Admittedly a good few of the 50 builds in there are larger than your average shed but the influence of the shed aesthetic and life enriching possibilities is in every one of them.

Complimentary copies of The Anatomy of Sheds have just been sent out to the contributors, I’m grateful to you all, and for those who have kindly taken the time to write back, Instagram or tweet, I love hearing what you all have to say and thankfully the words are kind!

We are using the hashtag #theanatomyofsheds and have started uploading images of people taking a look at the book. It would be great if you wanted to have a look or join in and upload your own picture too. I think when it has taken it’s course a copy of the book will be on its way to the sender of the most inspiring image of them and the book.

That’ll be fun.


Image credits: Johnny Barrington (top) and Petr Krejci