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Get The Look: Chic And Effortlessly Cool Parisian Houseboat

This little narrow boat embodies the spirit of Parisien chic: cinematic, film noir, dark walls, twinkling lights, mystery, and exquisitely good taste.

Light industrial accents pepper the space but don’t define it – this space is not about fads or trend, it’s design at its very best, built to stand the test of time.

my cool houseboat Paris

Colour is used beautifully and bravely: the pitch perfect acid yellow curtains, light mulberry coloured sheets and tea towels, all against a neutral grey backdrop. It reminds me of the colours used in 17th Spanish still life painting – darkness, controlled gloom and objects cutting crisp lines and glowing from within…

The owner Valérie Mazerat is the creative genius behind this space – a snippet of work can be viewed here.

Source: ‘my cool houseboat’ book

Photography: Richard Powers

my cool houseboat

Feeling inspired?.. here’s a few links to get you going with your own version of this fantastic style. Enjoy!

Valerie’s skills and stamp is on the designed the beautiful concept store ‘Merci’ at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris.

There are pop up ‘Brocantes’ and ‘vide greniers’ all over France during the Spring and summer months where treasures large and small can be found. To distinguish between both: brocante means second hand, antique and vide grenier literally means ‘attic’. The vide grenier is car boot, attic clearance, bric-a-brac and the brocante is encompasses more antique and specialist dealers although they do overlap in terms of quality and abundance….

The French do take their sale of second hand very seriously, whether its selling off their own or plundering another: a list of vide greniers and brocantes in Paris from 2015 – 2016 can be found here.

Jane Field- Lewis my cool houseboat

And a few tips for the French address book: