my cool houseboat jane field lewis

My Cool Inspirations: A HIP New York Houseboat

This boat featured more fully in ‘my cool houseboat’ was truly a project and a half, salvaged, restored and re-fitted, with a battering from Hurricane Sandy along the way. Originally built in the more decadent times of 1986 as a Goldman Sach’s yuppie entertainment pad, it had suffered over the years before being found by a design savvy and determined group of friends looking for an affordable, collaborative, shared weekend place.

my cool houseboat jane field lewis

The resourceful and talented designers Gabe Cohen and Jolie Signorile (founders of Fredericks and Mae) and friends took on the ownership and restoration project. Now a cohesive luminous space, with crisp design accents which don’t impinge on the bland or anaemic Scandanavian but deftly puts the flourish and humour back into the world; in their own words, they are definitely designers for the ‘for the home, garden and sky’.

my cool houseboat jane field lewis

This project needed someone who could work within a budget and wrench magic from the humble: Craig’s List, and their own designs furnish a space which feels like it has excavated from a past life at the shipbuilders before it was embellished for a yuppie. Mouldy carpets were ripped out, every surface re-painted or sanded, the coating of her past lives peeled back: people and objects and life fill this beautifully renovated and designed space, it’s like a deep breath of fresh air…

my cool houseboat jane field lewis

Photographs by Douglas Lyle Thompson for Remodelista.

And if you covet Gabe and Jolie’s handmade in Brooklyn style, first stop, check out Fredericks And Mae

my cool houseboat jane field lewis

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my cool houseboat jane field lewis

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my cool houseboat jane field lewis

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