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My Cool Kitchen Book And Short Film

My latest book… my cool kitchen, is a ‘feel good’ style guide to unique and inspirational kitchens. It is all about interiors – starting with the kitchens that have personality and authenticity.

These are spaces that are not something straight from any catalogue, but, rather than being a room just of kitchen units with an added kettle and toaster, have been infused with style, personality and individuality. The result is a whole load of design ideas. Some cost very little indeed, some rather more, but it is the ideas, the atmospheres and the people that have created them that are interesting.

To build on that and give more depth to the book I have created a short film giving a bit more life and live action about one of the contributors in the book.

This time it is Bob and Lucie, who live in a basement flat in London with their two lovely daughters. For them, their kitchen is truly an art and craft filled heart of the home, an ever changing space that has evolved over time. Apart from the aesthetics the place has a heart. I particularly love that as a couple they share a love for art and design. It is part of who they are, and their kitchen represents this in its unique decorative style.

Bob works in antiques, often quietly bringing items home and adding them to the house, either valuable pieces or just inexpensive things that appeal to him. Equally so, things vanish too as he moves them on, replacing them with something else. Lucie his partner, loves vintage textiles, colour, and craft, preferring to buy a pot of paint when she has £20 in her pocket than buy hit the shops in the conventional way. The combination of the two of them, their tastes and their talents and interests have created a unique space.

They are inspiring in that their home is not only beautiful, but individual too. The kitchen isn’t just about the units, in fact the cabinetry is a minor player in this film, it is about who they are.

In practical and creative terms I was lucky to have the chance to work with Mike Matthews in directing and Mark Harriott in art directing and editing the film, along with some technical and camera assistance from RDF West in Bristol. Mike is a clever fellow, he films a lot for Jamie Oliver now, his shows always look amazing don’t they? Mike evokes a happy and engaging tone in the film and it was a privilege to have him cast his creative magic over this project. He is multi- talented, and as at home with fashion as well as food and as a bit of background info, he also directed the fab ‘This old thing’ the vintage fashion show for C4 with Dawn O’Porter.

I hope that you feel inspired by it to do a bit of decorative tweaking at home…let me know!

Jane Field-Lewis