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Old House New Home: Partnering Old And New

For a style up, mixing older pieces with contemporary ones, is always a chance to create a bit of excitement and works well whether we are talking clothes or interiors.

At the lovely Regency house that the Hempsall/Harrimans own in Leicester, Drew Harriman and I had a huge amount of fun as styling buddies, egging each other on, adding in, taking away and trying out some new combinations.

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His lovely shop ‘Harriman and Co’ in old town Leicester was a treasure trove of styling gold and along with the van full of art, sculptural pieces and period furniture, curating the design was a joy.

Drew was the contemporary person, while I was bringing the Regency and other period gems, and we wove the two together.

The two black and gold Regency chairs in the bedroom found happiness with a small modern Scandi round metal table and a 50’s style lamp. Their colour story, the delicacy of their tapered legs and their formal placement provided the links that pulled it together.

The small gilt framed landscape painting on the ‘Pigeon’ (Farrow & Ball) dining room walls sat well in the alcove with the brushed brass conical wall light.old house new home

The juxtaposition of the relative proportion and complimentary shape and finish of the two pieces made them ideal partners.

Sometimes these concepts can be planned in advance, at others it is a happy combination that is more worked upon.

What is a complete joy, is as with last weeks collaboration with craftsman Robin Johnson, this weeks one with Drew Harriman, was brought about by a combination of people as well as the items resulting in a beauty beyond the sum of the parts.

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Image Credits: Hal Shinnie