George Clarke

Questions to ask yourself when thinking through your own amazing space

While I was writing the book with George Clarke, to accompany the Amazing Spaces series, I thought a lot about inspirations that others could use to jump into their own life-changing projects.

Amazing Spaces

Many of these ideas came from the courageous group of contributors to the show, all of whom thought nothing of working with tiny budgets and of learning along the way. They simply had a willingness to give things a go and bucket loads of determination.

If you share their dreams of developing your own space – whether its for quiet, peaceful contemplation or a much needed family retreat – there are questions you should ask yourself and things you should think through to formulate your own Amazing Spaces plan.

What is its purpose and function?

Think through if your space will have a principle function or be multi-purpose. A good starting point is to think about what you want the space to provide and go from there.

Who is it for?

Do you want the space as your own personal retreat or as a place where many people can enjoy it in equal measure, such as family, friends or business clients? Thinking this through will have a big influence on your final design.

Should it be different and quirky?

Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box. Some of your best ideas may come from this, even if many of them are also rejected. Also, take inspiration from the world around you rather than from what others have already done. For example, that den you built on the beach with the kids out of shells and driftwood may just be the perfect inspiration for your space.

Where should it be?

If you take a moment to look around, you will find there are endless opportunities for you to create your own space. Sometimes, such as in the cities, this can be more challenging than elsewhere, but there are always options for potential sites.

Are you going to start from scratch or adapt an existing space?

Buying an existing structure means you start your project a little further down the line, but there can be structural problems with this type of purchase. However, from experience the style of it is often proves irresistible to its owner.

Should it reflect your individual style and personality?

It is important to have a sense of fun and playfulness when you design your own space, and it should always reflect your own unique style and personality. That’s what makes it beautiful and your own personal amazing space.

Take a look at the book for more inspirations, tips, tricks and advice to develop your own Amazing Space, where I also talk at length to William Hardie about how he goes about finding inspiration.

Jane Field-Lewis