Jane owns a tiny, orange and brown 1970’s-style caravan. It was an undiscovered passion for reviving this unloved space which inspired the creation of ‘my cool..’ and is her own example of how a small project can fuel the big ideas, lift the spirits and help provide a more interesting life.

jane field lewis


Over the past few years a very simple phenomenon has given rise to creative ambitions that take the traditional backyard shed or cabin way beyond its origins. Small space design, a growing trend for more simple architectural structures and the emergence of the ‘shed’ aesthetic have converged to provide a unique way for us to express ourselves as individuals.

Whether it’s vernacular, small-scale architecture, creative building by courageous owners looking for another way to express themselves or even change their lives, or simple cabins, garden sheds, studios and caravans, geodesic domes and ice huts, there are examples of them all in The Anatomy of Sheds.



my cool treehouse by Jane Field Lewis


‘My Cool Treehouse’ celebrates the individual style and design of treehouses. They have always been a symbol of imagination and adventure, but despite the traditional stereotype, treehouses are not just for children and children’s stories. Well built and in the right spot, they can add real value to your home and lifestyle. Beloved for centuries as ramshackle palaces of backyard escape and fun, the modern-day treehouse has evolved from more traditional structures, in the process morphing and expanding its agenda to capture the heart and soul of a new breed of acolytes. Versatile and endlessly adapting, it gives us a unique opportunity for creative expression and an individualistic challenge.



my cool houseboat book



‘my cool houseboat’ is a ‘feel good’ style guide all about unique and inspirational spaces and their gloriously unique owners. There’s an innate romanticism and appeal about boats and messing about on the water – the sense of freedom, of escape and of being part of something much bigger and more elemental. It is interesting to learn that a surprising number of people are now choosing to follow a non-conventional lifestyle by transforming boats to live in as stylish and comfortable homes, unusual workspaces or thriving businesses for modern life. More…



my cool kitchen


‘my cool kitchen..’ inspires you to create your own affordable, super-stylish kitchen, which will become the heart of your home. Nowadays, kitchens serve as the hub of the house and family life, where everyone gathers to talk and to share food, friendship and love.The kitchen of your dreams isn’t always the instant model found in an upmarket designer catalogue; it’s often the result of a creative journey, touched by the familiar objects, colours, materials and textures you love and which make you feel happy. More…




George Clarkes more amazing spaces


George Clarke’s ‘More Amazing Spaces’

Welcome to the world of amazing small spaces, where ordinary people with extraordinary visions turn basements, horse boxes, camper vans and coaches into places to live, work and travel.

With big ideas, limited budgets, plenty of determination – and often no practical skills but some very loyal friends and family – the creators of these projects have changed their lives for the better, whether it’s by thinking outside the property box and calling a garage a home, by turning a home-improvement idea into a business, or by simply endowing their children with a sense of adventure. These stories will inspire you to look around and see what you, too, could turn into an amazing space. More… 



Amazing Spaces book


From George Clarke about the Amazing Spaces book and TV series: 

“What’s different about Amazing Spaces is that it’s people buying affordable things, quirky things like buses and camper vans, so it’s about ‘how can we creatively make this space work?’ They’re more relaxed and playful, and the results are more inventive and, to be honest, fun.

People embark on micro builds for a range of reasons. Some people want a place for the kids at the bottom of garden, others somewhere to work from, and then there’s the conversion of the Bedford bus in the first episode, which is a business venture. But what it generally comes down to is making small spaces work in a really affordable way to create a dream space you’ve always wanted.”  More…




From the book:

“This book is all about what people do to fulfil their dreams of expression and escape. In doing so, they sometimes create unexpected aesthetics and design. Styling with soul is the common thread that unites all these diverse shed owners – there is always a good reason why things look and work the way they do. There is even something delightful about the eccentric collections of the small things in life that are loved and valued and which their owners cannot bear to throw away. John Earl, for example, has kept his children’s plastic toy figurines; these charming objects are on display in his ‘songs from the shed’ as well as being utilised as impromptu styling features in his garden paving.” More…



From the book:
“The days of utilitarian tin mugs and chipped crockery are a thing of the past. Nowadays it’s easy to make your caravan look attractive with a few simple touches – a pretty coffee pot, a goose-down duvets and comfortable pillows. Arm yourself with a collection of old novels, a drawing book, maybe some old board games – all means of creating those valuable memories and having time to do something a world away from your everyday life”  More…





From the book:
“This visual voyage featuring over 30 campervans explores how people refurbish and customise their campervans and motorhomes; above all, these campervans celebrate individualism, style, cultural history and the great outdoors.”  More…




These small space design books came from inspirations led by Jane Field-Lewis; Author, Stylist and Art Director.