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The Amazing Spaces book has been co-written by Jane Field-Lewis to give more detail about the incredible small space builds from the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 TV series with George Clarke. It has the same design qualities of stylish small space design, quirky projects and their fantastic owners, as Jane’s other successful books – my cool caravan, my cool campervan, my cool kitchen and my cool shed.

Amazing Spaces book

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“Very special thanks must go to… Jane Field-Lewis, who not only helped write this beautiful book and style so many of the projects, but who also inspired the entire series. Without the lovely Jane none of this would have been possible.”

George Clarke

Amazing Spaces the book is published by Quadrille.

Image credits and copyright Ben Anders, Quadrille Books.


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Instead of this being one of Jane Field-Lewis’ own books she has co-written it with George Clarke. The book gives them a chance to talk about the projects in a bit more detail. Many have plans and illustrations to give a better understanding of the whole space, and they talk to the owners further about their experiences and other details they want to share more widely.

All the ideas in the book can be translated into your own homes, caravans, campervans, sheds, as easily as a more quirky small build project or other amazing space. In many ways the book is a perfect companion and inspiration for your own thought processes if the idea of making your own amazing space appeals to you or if you are re-thinking anything else about your home.

Jane Field-Lewis said: “Our goal was to make this piece of work relevant and interesting for folk that might not have even seen the show, and to share many inspiring tips, tricks and other valuable knowledge collected by those who participated. I feel we have achieved that in spades and I’m very proud of our achievement.

It was also a great opportunity for me to work with Ben Anders an interiors photographer whose work I have long regarded. I so enjoyed the shoots and the images he took for the book are just lovely.

Apart from the contributors to the show we also talk in detail to William Hardie – the talented Master Craftsman and designer behind George’s caravan project – about how he goes about finding inspiration and deciding which ideas to develop.

George and I both strived to achieve the combination of; inspiration, examples of great small space design projects, and some practical pointers as to how to think about your own possible projects.”