My Cool Campervan


‘my cool campervan’ reveals a world beyond the stereotype, of vintage vans from another era, still loved and still on the road, of forgotten rarities, of beautifully restored mass-produced models.

my cool campervan

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‘Holidays on Wheels’

“If the open road is calling and you can’t resist a bit of retro styling, little beats a camper van for spontaneous seaside jaunts.”

The Independent Traveller May 2011

‘Four wheels very good?’

“Campervans have a strong place in the affections of their owners, as these excerpts from new book ‘My Cool Campervan’ prove… ”

When people think of campervans they almost always recall the iconic VW T2 however, there is a world of forgotten campervans out there: the iconic Bedford CA, the classic Commer, the vintage Dodge, the converted Citroën H Van, the big American RV and a distinctive world of individual conversions to campers.

Jane, co-author Chris Haddon, and photographer Tina Hillier’s 3500-mile trip to locate the campervan owners and their proud memories, was a delightful journey of experiencing the joys of outdoor life, idle conversations, map reading and stumbling upon delightful new places.

They met proud ‘my cool campervan’ owners who shared their memories of family holidays under candy-striped pop-top roofs, of ice creams in long road trips, of sunny days and simple pleasures.

This visual voyage featuring over 30 campervans explores how people refurbish and customise their campervans and motorhomes; above all, these campervans celebrate individualism, style, cultural history and the great outdoors.


The Ecomonist June 2011

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Casa Vogue Brazil

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Coast Magazine July 2011

My Cool Campervan – “Mr Baldwin” from Jane Field on Vimeo.