My Cool Caravan


‘my cool caravan’ is a showcase of some of the finest retro-styled vans in the UK and beyond; bringing together twentieth century classics and period styling into a must-have look book for the enthusiast and novice alike.’

my cool caravan

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Awards: Shortlisted for a 2010 British Book Design & Production Award


Cath Kidston Magazine 2010

‘Home and Away’

“The latest hip escape isn’t a spa or a hotel – it’s a vintage caravan of one’s own.”

The World Of Interiors Oct 2010

‘my cool… caravan’ was first published in 2009. Now in its fifth reprint it has been translated into several languages. It seems the enthusiasm for departing the ordinary, or restoring a classic bit of vehicle history to perfection, is a growing pastime for many, not just in the UK where it all started, but as far away as Japan, Australia and Mexico. The trio of Jane, co-author Chris Haddon, and photographer Hilary Walker, proved a winning combination in ‘my cool caravan, the first book in the series.

from the book…

“The days of utilitarian tin mugs and chipped crockery are a thing of the past. Nowadays it’s easy to make your caravan look attractive with a few simple touches – a pretty coffee pot, a goose-down duvets and comfortable pillows.

Arm yourself with a collection of old novels, a drawing book, maybe some old board games – all means of creating those valuable memories and having time to do something a world away from your everyday life.”

what people said…

“Tapping into our love for nostalgia and retro styling, ‘My Cool Caravan’ is a visual voyage into the unexpectedly stylish world of modern caravanning. With 40 stylish caravans of all vintages this beautiful book is packed with inspirational photography exploring how people refurbish and customize their caravans.”