My Cool Houseboat

my cool houseboat by jane field lewis

‘my cool houseboat’ is a ‘feel good’ style guide all about unique and inspirational spaces and their gloriously unique owners.

There’s an innate romanticism and appeal about boats and messing about on the water – the sense of freedom, of escape and of being part of something much bigger and more elemental.

It is interesting to learn that a surprising number of people are now choosing to follow a non-conventional lifestyle by transforming boats to live in as stylish and comfortable homes, unusual workspaces or thriving businesses for modern life.

my cool houseboat book

Undoubtedly, austerity was the key to a new appreciation of the authentic, the genuine and the affordable style that is a feature of all Jane’s books, but the benefits experienced by the boat owners – like those of sheds, caravans, campervans and kitchens featured in earlier titles in this series – are not going to disappear. Rather, they will grow into an even more confident expression of style.

Become inspired by the beautiful images of the boats, and enjoy lifting your spirits by the motivational and incredible stories of their highly creative owners.

‘my cool houseboat’ is published by Pavilion Books RRP £14.99

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