The Anatomy of Sheds


Anatomy of Sheds

Over the past few years, a very simple phenomenon has given rise to creative ambitions that take the traditional backyard shed or cabin way beyond its origins. Small space design, a growing trend for more simple architectural structures and the emergence of the ‘shed’ aesthetic have converged to provide a unique way for us to express ourselves as individuals.

Partly born from the recessionary need to achieve more with less, this trend has taken root with people from all income groups and skill sets. The result is a rich cultural seam of backyard offices and studios, art installations and even serious architectural pieces of work, all with a small footprint.

Anatomy of Sheds

As a stylist, I have spent the best part of my career looking at style in context, whether it’s a character in a film script or an image that conveys a mood or atmosphere. Style out of context is only half the story and somewhat empty, but when it’s combined with personality it can be magical.

By integrating what I do – styling, art directing and writing – into a book format, I have now written over 10 books. This is my second on the subject of ‘sheds’. The first, my cool shed, turned into a bestseller and evolved and grew into the international hit Channel 4 TV series George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces with its unusual and quirky subject matter, an emphasis on visual style and a delicious combination of design and humanity.

Anatomy of Sheds

Within the context of this book, I invite you to explore some more amazing sheds, both practically and inspirationally. The purpose and passion that went into creating them are there to be seen and read about.

Whether it’s vernacular, small-scale architecture, creative building by courageous ownersjane field lewis looking for another way to express themselves or even change their lives, or simple cabins, garden sheds, studios and caravans, geodesic domes and ice huts, there are examples of them all in The Anatomy of Sheds.


The Anatomy of Sheds: New Buildings from an Old Tradition

by Jane Field-Lewis

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